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Natural Products

The Garden of Life Health provides natural products and supplements from Solle Naturals, Designs for Health, Nature’s Sunshine, and more.

DesBio has a unique approach to wellness. They are the most innovative company in the alternative healthcare market.

Nature’s Sunshine offers premium vitamins and supplements designed to help you reach your health goals.

Solle Naturals is built upon the fundamental belief that in order to optimize our health, we must properly nourish both our bodies and our minds.

A natural antibiotic that can be taken internally as well as applied topically to any part of body.

Health Services

The Garden of Life Health is a naturopathic center that provides holistic health services to encourage natural healing.

Garden of Life Health provides holistic health services and natural healthcare for Lafayette Louisiana.

Utilizing biofeedback, Garden of Life Health can determine weaknesses in your health & provide the right medicine.

Our naturopathic center has transformed to telehealth

Perception Reframing leads to new ways of seeing things, more options for dealing with life, and new, improved realities.

Dr. Jaime Frederick

Owned and operated by Dr. Jaime Frederick, BCND, CNHP, a Naturopathic Doctor and Certified Natural Health Professional, The Garden of Life Health makes your health its number one priority! Our company is built on the mission of helping people achieve their full potential in health and life. We are dedicated in working closely with you to get to the bottom of your ailments so you can live a healthy, vibrant life. Our specialty is combining holistic remedies with state of the art technology to mend the mind, body and soul.