Solle Naturals FasTract
Solle Naturals FasTract


Life can have a way of slowing you down. When that happens, you may need to get on the FasTract™. Solle FasTract™ is a unique, encapsulated herbal formula designed to keep things moving through the intestinal tract.

Lifestyle and diet choices can often lead to a sluggish bowel. FasTract™ is a colon activator that will stimulate peristalsis, but it is also a blend of soothing ingredients like aloe vera so it works gently and won’t cramp your style. FasTract™ combines cascara sagrada with Solle’s Multiphyllin™ prime chlorophyll blend, two types of aloe vera (whole leaf and inner leaf) and the revered adaptogen, holy basil.

Consistent with Solle’s mind body philosophy, this one-of-a-kind plant-sourced product promotes lower bowel health while it elevates your mood.

Key Ingredients

Cascara Sagrada
Used as a laxative to help stimulate the mucosal lining of the colon, producing an active secretion of electrolytes and water. Cascara Sagrada bark powder and concentrated extract are both used to help achieve optimal benefits

Holy Basil
Whole herb extract is one of the most highly esteemed adaptogenic herbs which supports kidney health and healthy blood sugar levels, but also has pronounced neuro-protective benefits and is used to support mood, memory and conditions of inflammation

Aloe Vera (Inner Leaf)
Used as a highly concentrated extract to help soothe and build the intestinal tract, especially during cleansing.

Aloe Vera (Whole Leaf)
Powder is packed with vitamins, minerals and other biologically active compounds, including amino acids and enzymes, to help cleanse and nourish the intestinal system.

Multiphyllin® Prime Chlorophyll Blend
Combines the unique plant chlorophyll benefits from Alfalfa, Mulberry, Nettle, and Spinach in a rejuvenating formulation. Though knowledge of the many benefits of chlorophyll dates back many decades, recent studies have brought new attention to the nearly-unmatched array of health benefits this super plant pigment contains.

Product Information

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