Colloidal Silver Natural Antibiotic


Available in 8oz and 32oz bottles. Choose a size below.

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A natural anti-biotic that can be taken internally as well as applied topically to any part of body including: eyes for eye infection, ears for ear infection, vaginally as a douche for yeast infection, by mouth for any internal infection such as common cold with congestion. Safe to use with people of any age including babies and children.

Prescription antibiotics kill all the bacteria in your body including the good ones. This causes yeast to accumulate rapidly and the body to be out of balance making you more susceptible to sickness. When you take something like colloidal silver instead, you have no side-effects! It is always recommended that you add probiotics when you are on colloidal silver to increase the good bacteria in body and help fight infection.

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8-32 oz bottles

8oz bottle, 32oz bottle


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